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Do you know about the At800 switch over?

Do you have a long term health condition or disability? Are you having any problems with your television recently? Is it pixelated, blurry or uncomfortable to watch?

We may be able to help if your problems are due to the At800 switch over!

Why might 4G cause interferance?.

Some 4G mobile services will operate at the 800 Mhz frequency, the same band certain Freeview services operate close to.Because of this, 4G signals on the 800 Mhz frequency band may interfere with Freeview services.

Who is at800?

at800 was created to plan for the introduction of 4G mobile services at 800 Mhz. Its role is to ensure that all UK viewers continue to receive clear Freeview signals, or are offered a suitable alternative, when 4G mobile services at 800 Mhz begin. At800 is owned and funded by the Mobile Network Operators (Vodafone, 02,3 and EE) who successfully bid for 800 Mhz spectrum.

At the Disability Resource Centre we offer services to anyone with a disability or long term health condition free of charge! If you would be intrested in getting more information about your freeview television service when it swaps over to 800mhz give Paul Rogers or Tracey Bennett a call on 783 6017, or email or



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