Changes to services during COVID-19

As with all other charities, we have had to cease our face-to-face services in light of Government guidance due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, we are still here to support you if you need our help and below are listed what each of our services is currently able to help you with.

If you are struggling with buying groceries, our advice team have put together a list of Foodbanks in Birmingham which can be accessed by clicking here

If you need support with your mental health due to the Coronavirus, our partners at Living Well are operating a COVID-19 Situational Counselling Service in Birmingham, please call 0121 6631217 to access this service.  


We are currently providing one to one telephone or online digital sessions to support you with your finances covering:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Smart Cooking and Shopping
  3. Where to save money safely
  4. Wills and living wills
  5. Loan sharks and fraud (both online and door to door)

We are also providing one-to-one workshops via phone or email and group workshops via Skype, Zoom or Facebook messenger.

Topics covered can include:

  1. helping you to create a budget
  2. help with your meal planning
  3. helping you to create a cupboard/fridge and freezer usage list (showing what items you have and when you used them and what is running out)
  4. how to create a shopping list
  5. information on wills and pensions
  6. help with your Universal Credit enquiries
  7. information on fraud and loan sharks
  8. information on how you can save money and how and where you can borrow money safely. This includes information on Credit Unions, ISAs and standard saving accounts.

For further information, please contact Robert on 07909 331 241

Positive Pathways

Employment and Training support is continuing to be provided over the phone and online.

We are contacting our existing clients via telephone or Facetime to ensure they continue their journey to get closer to the labour market. The project will continue to have a person centred approach, building trust, and empowering disabled people to build their confidence and self-esteem, especially in the current crisis.

We are continuing to provide support on:

  • creating CV’s
  • completing application forms
  • online interview tips
  • online job searching
  • online training search
  • 1-1 over the phone confidence and self-esteem building

For further information, please contact:

Information, Advice and Guidance

We are continuing to support you over the phone providing information, advice and guidance relating to : 

  • benefits, debt, housing, aids and adaptations and grants
  • form filling services for benefit and grant forms
  • fact sheets uploaded onto our website providing information which can be accessed by clicking here 

Contact John on 07914317732

Forward Carers

    • We are continuing to contact carers and complete reviews, assessments and registrations over the telephone.
    • We are continuing to provide advice, guidance and information to carers and cared for in regards to benefits and making referrals to other organisations.

For further information or to access this service, please contact Vanita on 07342 88162

Energy Redress

The energy team are able to provide telephone advice and support to you and/or your family to get help with your energy bills and to support you to save money by considering switching your energy supplier.

The team can also advocate with providers if you are experiencing debt, including applying for fuel grants to reduce or even clear your debts, and give your household energy efficiency advice to save money around your home.

The team can also help towards water your bills and again help with grants as your household could save up to 80% off your water bill if you are eligible. We are accepting new referrals.

For further information or to access this service, please contact Tracey on 07952 006 527

Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound is aimed at enhancing life skills and well-being of people in Birmingham with learning disabilities and long term health conditions.

We are continuing to deliver Safe and Sound one to one over the telephone providing you information covering:

  • disability rights
  • hate crime
  • mental well-being
  • safety in the home
  • personal safety when out

We are accepting new referrals and for more information or to access this service, please contact Maria on 07810510067

Fit 4 Life

We are continuing to provide a user led weekly Health and Well-being conference call with existing group members, taking seated exercises, sharing recipes, providing Netflix movie recommendations and lockdown tips and hints.

Chelmsley Wood, Erdington, and Kitts Green areas covered.

We are accepting new referrals and for more information or to access this service, please contact Roy on on 07799904256