Disability Confident Package Services

The Government’s Disability Confident Scheme aims to change attitudes around disability for the better. It enables organisations to change the behaviour and cultures in their own businesses, networks, and communities, and to reap the benefits of inclusive recruitment practices.

The scheme helps employers:

  • Draw from the widest pool of talent;
  • Secure high quality staff who are skilled, loyal, and hardworking;
  • Improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating that you treat all employees fairly;
  • Save time and money on the costs of recruitment and training by reducing staff turnover;
  • Keep valuable skills and experience;
  • Reduce the levels and costs of sickness absences;
  • Help customers and other businesses identify organisations that are committed to equality in the workplace.

The Disability Confident Scheme has 3 levels. You must complete each level before moving on to the next. To find out more about how to become Disability Confident and what each level requires, click the link below:

How to sign up to the Disability Confident employer scheme – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Our Disability Confident Scheme Packages aim to support employers through their Disability Confident Journey regardless of which level you are aiming towards.

We have a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Package to align with the three levels of the scheme.

  • The Bronze Package is free and includes our Good Practice Guide and simple queries answered through email.
  • The Silver Package includes everything from the Bronze Package alongside a review of your Level 2 self-assessment before submission, consultancy to highlight areas of improvement within your organisation, and encouragement in your journey to Level 3 of the scheme.
  • The Gold Package includes everything from both Silver & Bronze alongside an in-depth analysis of your policies and procedures, consultancy to gather and review evidence for Level 3 Validation, and the Validation of your Level 3 report.

Below is a table which demonstrates our packages:

Disability Confident Scheme Package Features Bronze Silver Gold
Access to our Good Practice Guidance X X X
Remote support for simple queries and advice X X X
Encouragement in your journey to Level 2 of the scheme X X X
A review of your Disability Confident Scheme self-assessment before submission   X X
Consultancy to highlight areas of improvement and support your development   X X
Encouragement in your journey to Level 3 of the scheme   X X
In depth analysis and review of your policies and procedures     X
Consultancy to support you in gathering & reviewing evidence and enacting changes for Level 3 validation     X
Validation of your Level 3 report     X

Our other professional services include Disability Awareness Training, Accessibility Audits, Consultancy, and Level 3 Validation.

For further details, please contact Aesha Ali on 03030 402040 or email aali@disability.co.uk