Are you a wiz with Social Media? Do you fancy using your skills to help a local charity?

Here at the Disability Resource Centre, we are looking for people who can help us raise our profile across the West Midlands.  Why? Because the more people who know who we are and what we do, the bigger our impact on the lives of disabled people and those with long-term health conditions will be.

What is a Social Media Ambassador? 

As a Social Media Ambassador, you’ll volunteer your time to help us improve our online presence across Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram (it all depends on the social media platforms you use). You’ll like, share and comment on our posts and write your own, letting people know about your experience of DRC (if you’re not comfortable doing the latter, don’t worry, it’s not compulsory!).

What are we looking for in a Social Media Ambassador?

More than anything, we want our Social Media Ambassadors to feel passionate about DRC, the work we do, and the need to improve the lives of people with disabilities by raising awareness and breaking down barriers to inclusion.

Ideally, we’d like you to be active on social media and comfortable using your preferred
platform to share and comment on posts that are relevant or of interest to you
and your followers. Plus, if you can come up with ideas for content and are
interested in writing posts (for your own pages or ours), that would be great
but is by no means essential.  You also don’t need to have thousands or even hundreds of followers – what is more important is that your support of DRC shines through.

Finally, we need people who have sound judgement – who understand that when they share our posts, they are representing DRC and we want to appear in a good light to whoever sees our content.

How we support our Social Media Ambassadors?

We want to support everyone who supports us.  As this is a new initiative for us, we’re currently working on how best to do that with our Social Media Ambassadors (we’ll be asking you for feedback along the way). 

Initially, you’ll have a key point of contact in our fundraising team to ask questions of and
who’ll let you know of any campaigns we plan on running so you know in advance
what is coming (beyond our standard posts). 

Longer-term, we’ll have a closed Facebook group for our ambassadors so they can talk to and support each other – and, hopefully, help us come up with content. 

How do you become a Social Media Ambassador?

If you’re interested in becoming a Social Media Ambassador, drop Steve a line at, send us a message through Facebook or DM us through Twitter or Instagram.

We look forward
to hearing from you!