Disability Resource Centre (DRC) was established in 1992 by Birmingham Disability Rights Group.

As a disabled people’s user led organisation, Birmingham Disability Rights Group argued that disabled people’s experience of discrimination and inequality resulted in the denial of opportunity and rights of disabled people to speak on their own behalf and make their own decisions.

Social Model of Disability

Using the Social Model of Disability, DRC was established to empower disabled people to take control of their own lives and support their transition from the margins of society into the heart of mainstream social and economic activity.

It was recognised that disabled people often needed to be encouraged to speak out for themselves, become positive about their own abilities and be supported in seeking ways to reduce or remove barriers which stop them achieving their full potential as individuals and equal members of society.

Disabled People’s User Led Organisation

As a disabled people’s user led organisation (an organisation run by disabled people, for disabled people) – 80% of our Board of Directors, 90% of our workforce and 100% of our volunteer team class themselves as disabled or having a long-term health condition.

We are therefore in the unique position of having our own personal experience of disability in addition to those of our clients.