Training Courses

Here at Disability Resource Centre, we offer training courses for organisations and employers, including:

  • Impairment Specific Training
  • Disability Equality Training
  • Training for local authorities
Impairment Specific Training

Impairment Specific Training provides bespoke training services for employers and individuals with specific impairments.

The service works with managers, key staff and individuals to enable a better understanding of specific impairments and conditions to establish effective support structures and working practices.

Disability Equality Training

Disability Equality Training is a bespoke service that is designed for businesses that want to achieve best practice within the equalities field.

It provides expert disability equality training for Boards, Managers, Staff and Volunteers of client-facing businesses within any business sector.

Training for local authorities:

DRC also provides specific Disability Equality Training for local authorities, for example, new taxi drivers disability equality training, and training for other public transport providers.


For further information, please contact Ambreen Khan, Service Manager on 03030 402040 or email