Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme

Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NNS)

The Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NNS) is a city-wide initiative funded by Birmingham City Council. The purpose of the NNS is to ensure that as many citizens as possible aged 50 and over can access community-based support to promote health and well-being and enable them to enjoy a better quality of life while living independently. The NNS aims to do this through better coordination of community-based prevention and early intervention services.

Disability Resource Centre is the lead agency in the Yardley Constituency and is working in partnership with Age UK Birmingham to oversee and coordinate the project. Both partners have a Community Development Worker based in the Ward who have been mapping the activities and services (Community Assets) available to over-50s on their patch; identifying any gaps and supporting new or existing groups in developing activities or services that will help fill those gaps. Small grants are available to help with this and training to help build capacity. The Community Development Workers also work closely with the Yardley Social Work teams to help link them up with relevant activities and services in the area that may be of benefit to older adults

If you would like to find out more about the Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme, including accessing support as a Yardley citizen, contact Manjeet Birdi at mbirdi@disability.co.uk or 0779 990 4269

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Please click here for a large map of Yardley Constituency.

Here is a Community Calendar for Yardley:

… and here is a map detailing where the Community Assets in Yardley are based: